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Fucoxanthin (+ Giveaway!)

So, December was a really stressful month. Some of you may know that my sister got married, and that added itself to the stress of the end of the year, final projects, the incident with this blog being deleted, final exams, and all the other crazy things that go on around that season. And what do I do when I’m stressed? I eat. And that’s not good, specially if I want to make a good impression in my sister’s wedding!

I received this offer for Bri Nutrition’s Fucoxanthin and took it.

Bri Nutritions Fucoxanthin

But what is it? It’s a dietary supplement that promotes healthy, metabolic rate. And that sounded great for me. According to the bottle, “Fucoxanthin is a natural, whole food based supplement made from brown seaweed. Combined with pomegranate seed oil and hoodia these three compounds create a natural thermogenic reaction. Fucoxanthin supports systemic health to promote the body’s natural slimming functions.” Click here to know more about what is fucoxanthin and its health benefits.

Now, my plan was to take the supplement while doing some sport, so that they could reinforce each other. But I sadly failed on that part, end of the semester was too busy after all. So, my results are based only on taking this supplement, two capsules every morning before breakfast.

I did not loose any weight. That being said, it was December, month of chocolate and cookies. And I did not gain any weight either, even though I ate chocolates and cookies throughout the month! But where did I notice a difference? In my appetite. I’m not sure if it was real hunger or just anxiety, but my breakfast was not enough to get me until lunch. I usually have a snack, like an apple, but that wasn’t helping either. I kept feeling hungry shortly after breakfast! And that’s where I noticed a difference. I don’t know if it is related or not, because this doesn’t say anything about delaying my hunger. But I think that maybe, by helping my metabolism, it helped my body get into the proper eating schedule. I wasn’t starving anymore when lunchtime arrived, and thus, I did not crave for vending machine food. Which is good for both my body and my wallet!

Want to try it out yourself?