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Garcinia Cambogia for the New Year

Like every year, I started 2015 with the goal of losing weight. It’s specially frustrating because some of that weight is actually gained in the last weeks of the year, and this year end was specially intense with my sister’s wedding, her two celebrations (one in US, one in Mexico) and me visiting my extended family for New Years in Costa Rica. Whenever I think I am going to Costa Rica, the first thing that comes to my mind is all the delicious, traditional food I’m going to eat!

After trying out Fucoxanthin the previous month, and having it helping with reducing hunger, I thought I’d give Garcinia Cambogia a try when I was offered it. Turns out that not only did I receive a bottle of Garcinia Cambogia, but also of Raspberry Ketones, and that’s the treatment that I’ve been taking for about three weeks now.

All of last semester, I’ve spent it trying to loose some weight for my sister’s wedding. I wrote about it before. And even though I didn’t loose the weight, I did not gain any either during my final weeks of the semester how I usually do. But I was frustrated because I have steps of weight goals I want to achieve, with prices for every step I reach, and I hadn’t been able to reach any. I was only 1kg away from the first step around November, but when I returned from my holidays, I was 4kg away.

Garcinia Cambogia and Rasperry Ketones

So, 2015 started and I went back to my lose weight goal. Now, I didn’t follow the exact instructions of Garcinia Cambogia, because I’m taking it together with the Raspberry Ketones. Also, it’s recommended that you take these twice a day, but I’ve been only taking them in the morning. Both bottles say that they are fat blockers / burners, and appetite suppressant / controller, so, they are supposed to do basically the same. Now, I don’t know if maybe one is working, if the two are working, or if it’s the mixture of both, but I’ve loved the results.

Only 3 weeks after starting taking them, I’ve lost 5kg! And I haven’t done any additional exercise compared to what I was doing before. I even reached my first step in my weight goals!! Now, after about 2 weeks I had lost those first 4, and then it slowed down and it has taken me a bit longer to loose that fifth one, and now I’ve been loosing weight way slower. But it would actually scare me if I would just continue loosing so much weight so quickly. This supplements just gave me the right motivation so I could continue with my goal of getting to a healthy weight where I feel comfortable. And I surely have been motivated! Because I had such a hard time loosing 1-2 kgs last year, and I feel like I finally passed that and I can continue losing! Besides, I can also claim my first reward for passing my first step.