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Lately I’m noticing a trend in online stores (or just usual stores) launching their own applications where you can view their products and shop just like on their website. Sometimes, you even get special discounts for using the app, which you wouldn’t get by buying through any other method. I’ve listed some information about shopping apps, and recommend some of my favourite ones.


– 100% mobile friendly
– watch and add products to your cart the moment it comes to your mind that you need/want to buy it
– special discounts
– some provide direct links to their social media accounts, like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram


– some payment methods change sometimes; for example, some apps don’t accept PayPal payments even though they so when you shop on their usual website
– some apps don’t synchronize your device’s shopping cart with the one on a browser


Amazon Ebay
Amazon · Ebay

If you’re like me, Amazon is a basic one. Whenever I need something – books, food, work materials, casual clothing, etc – I always look for it on Amazon first. So, this app is great because as soon as I need something, I look it up here and add to my list. It’s like writing a shopping list. Then, when I am home, I look through the list, make sure that’s what I want and order it. They even have the Pantry option for dry groceries, which is very practical.
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eBay is really useful for buying, but even more for casual selling. I’ve sold video games, computer cables, and other random stuff through eBay. Selling through a smart phone is easy because I can take the picture with my phone, fill out the information (which is easy and quick, since eBay helps you find the product and auto-fills the rest of the information), upload the photos you just took and TA-DAA! It’s on the market.
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Etsy Etsy

Etsy is a great place to find unique presents for friends, your home or yourself. So, having this app comes in very handy! Imagine you are walking down the street, thinking of what you could gift your best friend and you suddenly think of Totoro Cookie Cutters! Now, you can write it down somewhere quickly, but are you going to look for that note later? Why not just browse through Etsy, find what you have in mind and store it in your shopping list right away so you don’t forget?
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Now, if you are more of a crafter type, then Sell on Etsy will also be useful. You can manage your listings, get notifications every time someone favourites one of your items, puts it in a collections, or buys it. You can handle all the settings of your shop, you can reply to answers of customers, and all the other main features you would use the website for. Plus, you can add images from your cellphone, though I don’t encourage that—if you’re selling something, you better use the best quality of photography you can!
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YesStyle Sammydress
YesStyle & SammyDress

Sometimes, I just like to browser through YesStyle and look or pretty things – either clothes or stationary or household items! So, this app makes it easier to browser around while laying on my bed or sitting in the train without having to take out my computer for it. It’s easy and it keeps all the information stored just like on the website – your rank, your discounts, etc. Besides, they will give you StyleBucks for logging in through the app the first time.
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SammyDress doesn’t only have great prices for lots of cute clothes on their app, but they even have special discounts if you buy on the app! Now, isn’t that a great reason to download it right away?
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W2Beauty Threadless
Threadless & W2Beauty

With so many designs coming and going on Threadless, it’s good to have a way to quickly check what’s new. You can do it while you’re lying in bed or waiting for a class to start if you have the app. Besides, I always feel so inspired after browsing through all their awesome designs! Sadly there’s not Android app though.
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The W2beauty app is not only useful to have a quick way of ordering make up and body care products quickly, but also to find all the related networking! Alice posts videos, images, reviews and giveaways throughout the social medias, and with this app, you can easily access to everything W2Beauty!
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There are many other shopping apps out there – pretty much all online stores have apps now! So, go look for your favs and start using, you don’t want to stay behind. The one I listed here are the ones I have personal experience with, but I’d love to try out any others you might want to recommend!

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