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Nail Art For Dummies #3 — Cuticle Cream

I haven’t read many entries on cuticle cream, so, I thought that would be something good to talk about. We all have cuticles: it’s the skin on our fingers that surrounds the nail. Even though often neglected, cuticles actually protect us from bacteria or other things that could penetrate our skin through the opening of the nail. So, we should take care of our cuticles not only for aesthetic, but also for health reasons. One of the ways to take care of cuticles is by keeping them moisturized, and there are specific products to help us with that called cuticle cream. I’ll introduce you to the products that I’ve used and have worked for me, and will share what my experience with cuticle creams has been.

Premier Dead Sea’s Cuticle Therapy

Premier Dead Sea Cuticle Cream Therapy

I got this Premier Dead Sea’s Cuticle Therapy from my sister a few years ago, so, I’m not sure how she got to it. But it worked great! It was the first cuticle cream I have, and it works very good! It’s called cuticle therapy because it really is a good treatment to revitalize your cuticles — this comes from someone who had never used an specific product for the cuticles. I kept my cuticles trimmed, and I guess my hand moisturizer helped me keeping my cuticles decent, but this topped any of that and gave me what I needed to have very healthy cuticles. It also made me aware that there were products specifically made for cuticles, and that I needed more than just trim them and use hand cream. Even though the tube is small, only a very small portion is needed, so, it has lasted rather a long time.

Burt’s Bees’ Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream

Burt's Bees' Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream

Some time later, I got a hand care set from Burt’s Bees that included this amazing Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream. It has become the one I use the most because the texture is not as liquidy, and it’s also cheaper. The scent is wonderful, the cream leaves my cuticles feeling great, and it has proven to be worth more than its price. Like with any body butter, you just get some of cream on your fingers and apply it to the desired part, in this case, your cuticle and nail. My nails love it too.

My experience with them

The Premier Dead Sea Cuticle Cream Therapy worked wonders for me, but once my cuticles were in good condition, I limited my use of this cream. Nowadays, I use it mostly when I’m doing someone else a manicure/pedicure, and they need the help on their cuticles. Otherwise, I use Burt’s Bees’ Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream, and it’s also the one I use mostly on myself. I even have bought some of these and given them to friends, because for its price, it’s a great and convenient present.

My Cuticle Creams

A great thing that I’ve noticed is that ever since I started using cuticle cream, I no longer need to trim my cuticles. Before, they would be dry and grow up on my nail, looking really ugly and making it feel like they were going to stop my nail from growing. But now that I have healthy cuticles, they’re always soft, and I don’t even need to trim them. I’ve learned that trimming them is actually not even a very good thing, since you may cut them to short or hurt yourself accidentally, and that opens ways for infections to start on your nail and finger.

So, when I know I’ll be doing my nails in a few days, I take the time to first make sure my nails are healthy and in top condition for it. About one or two days before I paint them, I trim my nails, file and buffer them, and then I apply my cuticle cream. I like to do it at night, so that I don’t use my hands for many other things that day, and specially so I don’t have to wash my hands or anything like that. I do that whether or not my cuticles look dry or not.

The other scenario is when the weather gets super dry (I live in a desert) and all my skin in general gets dry. I include some extra applications of cuticle cream to my moisturizing routine as well, then, to make sure they don’t suffer the consequences too much.