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Perfectly Posh – First Haul!

Today I’m excited to talk about Perfectly Posh. Perfectly Posh is a Salt Lake City-based company, and they describe themselves as a “pampering brand”. They create products based on different natural ingredients, offer many vegan options, and do not test on animals. Big plus!

Perfecly Posh Haul

My Perfectly Posh Story

The first time I heard about Perfectly Posh, I was looking for presents for some friends. I wanted to thank them for their help during my wedding, but I also had a rather small budget because it was so shortly after my wedding, so, I was aiming for something nice but affordable. Perfectly Posh caught my attention because all of their products are under $25 dollars and after looking around, I was happy with the variety of products and flavours they offered, so, I thought it’d be a great option. My friends loved the lip balms I got for them, and after a few months, I decided it was time for me to try them out myself.

A bit over month ago, a friend invited me to join a group organized by a Perfectly Posh consultant. Amanda, the consultant, sends samples every month to the group, organizes contests, and keeps us up to date with discounts and promotions at Perfectly Posh. I was more than happy to participate in the group, and it just worked out perfect with the timing, since I had been wanting to get to know the products better.

Perfecly Posh Haul
February Samples + Lip balm I won at a contest – yay!

Haul Time!

Last week, I received my first “bigger” order. After trying a coconut oil that I got as a sample in January, I was convinced I needed the full-sized version. So, I started thinking about what else I would get. And when my consultant announced free shipping for Valentine’s day, I made up my mind and checked out my cart.

Perfecly Posh Haul Perfecly Posh Haul Perfecly Posh Haul

Poshymallow Coconut Oil – This coconut oil smells amazing, a sweet mix of coconut and marshmallow. And given the many benefits of coconut oil, I thought it would be a good buy. Besides, they discontinued the product and were selling the last ones they had. I checked out their new coconut oil, but it has no scent. And my husband loves the marshmallow scent. So, I needed this one before it was gone!

Mint For Each Other – I had been hearing wonders about Perfectly Posh’s famous chunks (bath bars), so I decided I had to try one myself. They are huge, smell really good, and apparently are meant to last a long time. So, I’m really excited to try out this rosemary and peppermint chunk.

Wakey Wakey Skin Stick – This is a product that I’d love to try out myself, but actually got for a friend. Again, budget :( But it sounds fantastic! A mix of pepper, cedar, and peppermint oils that help you combat tiredness during the day. Just carry the stick in your purse and apply it when needed. And they have a line of sticks for different uses, I find it a very fascinating product line. Will probably get one for myself next time!

Perfecly Posh Haul

Now, like many other stores, Perfectly Posh also has a points program. The points are called perks, and you can exchange them for exclusive items. In my case, I exchanged some perks for chunk samples. I thought they would be a good present for some friends as well, since it’s a pretty decent size. The actual chunks really are very big, and it would be hard to send them in my friends packages, it would make the package double as heavy. So, I liked the option of getting this smaller ones! And they also sent me an extra sample: an apricot facemask. I’m excited. I love samples :)

Overall Experience

With short waiting times for shipping and delivery, good deals, and great personalized service (my consultant kept informing me about the products that I had told her I was interested in), I’m really satisfied with my experience with Perfectly Posh. From the samples I’ve had before, I’ve enjoyed the textures, scents, and results of the products, which is why I did not hesitate to make a purchase for bigger products. And I will definitely continue buying here for myself and for my friends.

Perfecly Posh Haul

If you have any questions or want to get in contact with my consultant, let me know. Or if you have tried out these products yourself, feel free to share with me your experience.

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