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Valentia’s Clear Lift Revitalizing Serum

Today I will be sharing my experience with Valentia’s Clear Lift Revitalizing Serum. I have used other Valentia products before, and like usual, I’m very satisfied with the results. A while ago I published a review about the True Glow Eye Cream, and I’m really happy that for a few weeks I was able to use this two together! I feel like I got the best out of both that way.

Valentia Revitalizing Serum

Some highlights on this revitalizing serum are that it serves as a moisturizer, it brightens and corrects skin tone, and gives elasticity to the skin. Some of its ingredients include wakame bioferment, gotu kola, lactic acid, licorice, and—one of my favourites—argain oil. These ingredients bring anti-oxidants, help reduce scaring, improve firmness, and protect the skin.


According to the products, you should “apply 1-2 pumps evenly to the face and neck each evening … follow with moisturizer and eye product of your choice.” I gotta admit I have used it a bit differently, though. I like using it both morning and evenings, because I love how soft my skin feels with it, and the light, fruity scent it has.

I start by cleaning my face, then apply this serum. I follow with the True Glow eye cream, and then I put on my moisturizer. Ready to sleep, if it’s night, or to put on my make up, if it’s in the morning.

Valentia Revitalizing Serum

My Experience

– Lovely, light, fruity scent. It doesn’t linger for too long, so it doesn’t get annoying.
– One to two pumps (size of pump showed in the image below) are enough to cover the face and neck, so, the product is long-lasting.
– Cruelty free, parabens free, great natural ingredients.
– No oily residues, no dry skin afterwards.
– I really enjoy how soft my face feels right after applying it.

– If you are not fond of scents, this one might annoy you a bit. But compared to the Vitamin C serum Valentia used to have, the scent on this is very mild.

General thoughts on the Revitalizing Serum
I’m enjoying this serum a lot. I want to go try to find the old back-ups on my website to find the review I wrote probably over a year ago about the Vitamin C serum, and I’d like to compare them. From what I remember, I feel light this serum is more lightweight, and I know for sure that the scent is less strong, because that was one of the things that bothered me a bit from that other time.

Valentia Revitalizing Serum


This product was provided to me by Valentia Skin Care in exchange of my opinion. All my comments, however, are my honest thoughts on the product.