DLJ 6th Anniversary + #DailyLove Challenge

Daily Love Challenge

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Daily Love Challenge

I’m really excited to share with you all that starting on Saturday, October 1st, our official 6th Anniversary celebrations will begin! And to kick it off, we will start with a fun challenge that will help us all remember what makes us feel loved and happy.

The #DailyLove challenge gives you one topic every day for 10 days. If you start with us October 1st, it will also serve as a countdown to our anniversary! But if you can’t start on Saturday just do it at your own pace. The important thing is you let yourself be reminded of great people, beautiful moments, and nice feelings. We did plan the topics based on the day of the week they would fall on, but let that not stop you. Let’s make October a month to feel great about our lives!

Daily Topics

Day #1 Saturday – Quote
Share with us a phrase that makes you feel loved.

Day #2 Sunday – Person
Think of someone who’s made a difference in your life, and it makes you happy to think of him/her.

Day #3 Monday – Pastime
Mondays can be hard. What’s something you like to do that makes you feel better?

Day #4 Tuesday – Dish
We think food is great to make you feel happy! Share a meal that gives you a warm feeling.

Day #5 Wednesday – “Pick Me Up”
Middle of the week – what do you use to charge yourself to continue through the week?

Day #6 Thursday – #TBT Childhood Memory
Share a special childhood memory that makes you happy.

Day #7 Friday – Place
A physical location that has a strong meaning to you. Maybe a vacation? Or somewhere you used to live?

Day #8 Saturday – Chill At Home
Home is where our heart should be. What is something you enjoy about your home?

Day #9 Sunday – Yourself
We are all unique — what is something you love about yourself?

Day #10 Monday – Daily Love
How will you continue to give yourself a healthy dose “daily love”?

Share the Love

Want to share this challenge with others? Great, feel free to do so! These are some ways you can share:

1. Save the image below the sharing options, and upload it to your social media accounts, inviting people to join. Or if you want to share on Pinterest, hover over the image above and you will see a “pin it” button.

2. Use the #DailyLove hashtag and explain to your friends why you are using it.

3. Have a blog or website? Grab one of the following HTML codes to share about the challenge in a blogpost or sidebar:

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Daily Love Challenge

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Daily Love Challenge

4. Share the link bit.ly/dailylovechallenge with your friends, explain what the #DailyLove challenge is, and invite them to join.

5. And the best way is to join us in the challenge, and share with everyone the daily topics that will help us feel loved and happy.

Daily Love Challenge

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  • Day 1: “Can you remember who you were, before the world told you who you should be?”

    Danielle LaPorte

    Sometimes we change who we are, sometimes we change and not even realizing it and then we lose ourself in the process. I feel like this quote resonates with me because it reminds me of who I am, and who I want to be. I should love me because it really doesn’t matter what the world thinks about me.

    • Daily love challenge
      Day 2: John, he is my love.
      John has made a huge difference in my life. He makes me happy, and I know it’s a cliche to choose your husband for the person who makes you happy. But he’s my favorite person.

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