3 #ManiMonday Manicures for Monday Blues

3 Manicures for Monday Blues

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3 Manicures for Monday Blues

Last week I had an awful Monday, and for no reason whatsoever. It was just hard to get anything done! As I was browsing Instagram, I saw some nice manicures photos and realized that mixing #ManiMonday with #MondayBlues could actually be a fun challenge. I wrote it down in my agenda, for a future blog idea, but found myself designing some styles just a few minutes later. Manicures saved the day!


For this designs, I used only three shades:

  • Light Blue from Color Club
  • Dark Blue from Color Club
  • Dark Blue from Zoya called Neve

For some reason, the Color Club polishes don’t have names on them. They’re somewhat old, and came in a set. The rest of the tools will be listed in the individual designs. The only common themes I wanted for the designs were “blue” and “summer”, which I decided to represent with a flower design.

The designs were created over Claire’s Faux nails, but when doing them on your nails, remember to use base and top coat! Always protect your nail and your design :)

Style 1 – Subtle Manicure

3 Manicures for Monday Blues 3 Manicures for Monday Blues 3 Manicures for Monday Blues

  • Konad M74 Stamping Plate
  • Dark Blue from Color Club
  • Light Blue from Color Club

This first design is very simple. Yes, I cheated a bit, because I just stamped it on. I used Konad’s M74 plate because of it’s flowery designs, and chose the one I wanted. I used the dark Color Club polish as background, and the light Color Club polish for the stamp.

This design was meant to be more subtle, even a bit gloomy, since it’s representing Monday blues at its finest. Yet, when you pay closer attention, you’ll notice the cute flowers and petals all over the nail.

Style 2 – Cheerful Manicure

3 Manicures for Monday Blues 3 Manicures for Monday Blues 3 Manicures for Monday Blues

  • Manicure Flowers
  • Light Blue from Color Club
  • Transparent Top Coat

The second design is simple as well, but it requires a bit more effort. For this, I used a small, fake manicure flower to cheer up the day a bit, and transparent top coat to help me glue the flower. First, I put a transparent coat over the light blue background. I carefully put the flower in the middle of the nail and let it try. Once the transparent coat behind the flower is dry, add some more coats over the flower, to protect it. Yes, this coats might get a bit thick, but it doesn’t look bad, because it’s encasing the flower to the nail. If you don’t want to many coats, go for a flower with less texture. Let it dry very well, it might take a bit longer than usual because of all the coats.

This manicure cheered up my Monday a bit more, because, who doesn’t love getting flowers?

Style 3 – Shiny Manicure

3 Manicures for Monday Blues 3 Manicures for Monday Blues 3 Manicures for Monday Blues

  • White Holographic Hexagon Glitter
  • Neve blue from Zoya
  • Light Blue from Color Club
  • Transparent Top Coat
  • Toothpick and Dotting tool

The third manicure is a bit bold and shiny for Monday blues, so, it might actually kick us out of that mood! I used little holographic hexagons to bring light and shine to the nails. After putting a transparent coat over the Neve polish, I used a toothpick to grab the hexagons and place them on the nail. If you’re having trouble with the toothpick, try making the tip slightly wet so it picks the hexagon better. I placed them in a flower shape, and used a dotting tool to create the rest of the flower.

I love how the holographic hexagons brighten up the design so much!


3 Manicures for Monday Blues 3 Manicures for Monday Blues 3 Manicures for Monday Blues

I’m sorry I faked it a bit with false nails, but as you may notice in some of the images, I was wearing another polish on my nails and did not want to remove it yet. But these manicure designs were a lot of fun, and I really think now that the Monday hashtags #ManiMonday and #MondayBlues are no coincidence… Doing your nails can make a gloomy Monday so much better!

If you try out any of the designs on your nails, I’d love to see the results! Or maybe you could come up with your own #ManiMondayBlues designs? Whether it’s on a Monday or not, use the hashtag #dailylovejuice and tag @dailylovejuice on Instagram, or @dollfacesaori on Twitter so I can check out what you do. So excited to see it!

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  • These are all so cute, but I’m obsessed with the flower!

    • Thank you <3 But yes, I think there's something about that flower that attracts people!

  • Mrs Fancy-Pants

    These are very elaborate. I failed at trying to paint my nails red :D

    • Haha. I’m sure you’d be able to do at least one of them! The flower one just needs to be put in the nail and be covered in tons of topcoat!! You can even use just a base coat instead of colored polish if you don’t want to risk failing with that ;)

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