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Mystery Hostess Haul + Samples For You!

Perfectly Posh Mystery Hostess Prize
I’m super excited to present this Perfectly Posh haul today, specially because I won most of it by winning mystery hostess!

Now, some of you might be confused about what a mystery host/hostess is. Direct sellers often hold parties where they invite someone to be the host, and that host invites his friends to the party. Any sells made in the party generate prizes towards the host. But sometimes, direct sellers hold “mystery hostess parties”, where they don’t have a host. Instead, through games and activities, one of the participants wins the right of being the mystery host and gets all the benefits from hosting the party (without having to do anything else!).

And that’s what happened to me. My Perfectly Posh consultant invited me to a Facebook party, and I went, had fun participating in games, and did some shopping. SURPRISE! I won mystery hostess and got tons of credit to spend on Perfectly Posh. I got really excited: I jumped from my seat and jumped around and my husband was wondering what was going on. (He thought I had actually won cash, haha, but for me, it’s pretty much the same!)

If you want some freebies too, make sure to get to the end of the article!

Perfectly Posh Mystery Hostess Prize

A few weeks ago I got to spend the rewards money, plus some more posh dollars I had, and got myself a nice box of posh. Overall, the rewards money paid for about 60% of this haul. And that’s what’s coming below, plus some other freebies I got. Click on the links to get more information on the products.

Note: Perfectly Posh products are made of natural ingredients, they are vegan and cruelty-free. Yay for great products that are also socially responsible!

Mystery Hostess Prize

Snarky Bars are like hard-core soap bars. They are exfoliators and scrub your body really well. They are not recommended for your face, but they’re great for the rest of your body. I got a Dark Side and a Tranquilizer bar. They are also huge, as you can see in the picture off all the haul above. I thought I could get the Dark Side for when my body needs a serious detox, and the Tranquilizer for when I need some serious relaxation tome. I used the Dark Side already last weekend, and it was very good. I specially love how it makes my legs even more smooth after shaving: the scrubbing helps getting rid of anything that might have been left behind.

Perfectly Posh Mystery Hostess Prize Perfectly Posh Mystery Hostess Prize Perfectly Posh Mystery Hostess Prize

Wildcrafted is a face balm that you can use as night moisturizer. I have been looking for a night moisturizer for a while. The one I used before has had some controversy for not being cruelty-free, so, I decided I needed to change. This balm is interesting to use, because it’s rather oily. But surprisingly, the face seems to absorb it all and it doesn’t leave any oily residues behind. It also smells amazing, great mix of herbs. My only problem with it has been opening the tin can: for some reason I’ve struggled. But last night when I opened it, I just lightly put the lid back on it without really closing it, and now my whole closet smells wonderful. I have only used it for a weekend, but I’ll let you know later if I’ll decide to keep it as my nightly moisturizer.

I’m obsessed with Skin Sticks. On my first Perfectly Posh haul, I mentioned I had gotten one for a friend. Well, I did end up getting two for myself some weeks later, and this time, I got two more. My Wakey Wakey has been very helpful with headaches, although that is not its original purpose. So, I thought I’d get the Perk!, which is meant for headaches and neck pain. And I got the Sleepy Sleep to use at night as well, seems sometimes I just have too many things in my head and need help to rest better.

Perfectly Posh Mystery Hostess Prize Perfectly Posh Mystery Hostess Prize Perfectly Posh Mystery Hostess Prize

The Poshymallow Coconut Oil has become one of my all-time-favourites! I got it on my first haul as well and have loved it so much, that I decided to get another bottle before they run out of stock. They have retired this product, meaning, they will not be producing it anymore. It also means it’s also really cheap right now because of that. I’m so sad it’s leaving, but so glad I’ve stocked up on it.

More Freebies?

Now, as if being mystery hostess wouldn’t be enough, things got even better. Some days after I won, my consultant held a short contest in the Facebook group she has for her buyers. And I won that too: I got a mask applicator! She proceeded to send my prize order, plus my mask applicator, plus some freebies on the same box and it was like Christmas for me.

Perfectly Posh Mystery Hostess Prize

The I’m Turning Blueberry” face mask is great. If you follow me on Instagram, this is the mask that I used for my story last weekend! I applied it live on Instagram, using my new mask applicator, and I got pretty obsessed with how amazing it smells. I haven’t tried out my Good Night Kisses lip mask sample, but make sure to follow me in Instagram because I’ll try it out there soon.

I Want Some Freebies Too!

You want to try out some posh products as well? It is your lucky day then! I just became a consultant for Perfectly Posh and am really excited to share with you some posh love! Just fill out the form below and I’ll contact you to work out the details. After all, we gotta make sure you get a sample that you will enjoy.

Submission for freebies have been closed. Thanks yo everyone who signed up for freebies!

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