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Skincare, Beauty, Stationary +++ Giveaway

Skincare, Beauty, Stationary, and More Giveaway

Welcome to the third and last Giveaway of this season. With this joyful event, we will end the Daily Lovejuice Anniversary celebrations. The best was saved for last: I wanted to give you guys a Giveaway that has a bit of everything Daily Lovejuice loves: cosmetics, skin care, stationary, accessories, and more.

Skincare, Beauty, Stationary, and More Giveaway


– The giveaway is pen worldwide, to any person that has an email address and a physical address where the package can be sent.

– People who use Giveaway accounts for any of the Social Media options will be disqualified.

– Participants younger than 18 need to provide parental/guardian permission if they win the prize, in order to receive it.

– Items from any of the prizes are not interchangeable.

– When the winner is picked, we will verify that he/she complies for all the entries he/she signed up for. If one of them fails, a new winner will be chosen.

– The Giveaway runs from November 12th to December 12th, 2016

Skincare, Beauty, Stationary, and More Giveaway

Giveaway Prizes

There are so many prizes, that I will try to divide them in categories. If you can’t wait to win them and would rather get them yourself, click on the item to see where to find it. Some of the items are not available / no longer online, so, you will have to rely on luck to get those. I will list the website where I got them, but there is not guarantee they’ll have it.


San-X Cheese Ikka Bag (from Blippo)
Afro Ken Pill Case (from Blippo)
NICI Pencil


Etude House Nose Pack
Etude House Eye Patch
Missha Cherry Blossom Sheet Mask (from W2Beauty)
TonyMoly Pokemon Hand Cream
Laneige Moisture Set: Refiner and Emulsion (sample set)
Skin Food GoldKiwi Gift Set

Make-Up / Nails

LA Colors Nail Dazzling Kit (from TodoModa)
Magic Lip Balm (from TodoModa)
Juliet Has a Gun Parfum (sample size)
OFRA Lip Liner
Jelly Pong Pong Eyeliner & Shadow


Cap (from Blippo)
Bleach Charm (from Blippo)
Cardsholder (from Blippo)
SIX Earrings Set (from Click SIX)

I think I got them all! These prizes are items that I’ve been saving for some time for a big giveaway, which is why some of them are no longer available. But think about the bright side: if you win, you’ll have a very unique item!

Skincare, Beauty, Stationary, and More Giveaway


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Remember to comment below letting me know what your favorite item from this Giveaway is. Just because you have a month to get entries, don’t procrastinate until the very end. The sooner you join, the more entries you can have. Thank you everyone for your support, and enjoy the giveaway.

Skincare, Beauty, Stationary, and More Giveaway

  • Holly Yoho

    My favorite is the San-X Cheese Ikka Bag!

    • Isn’t it cute? I don’t know a lot of people who like Cheese Ikka, but I thought it’d be fun to include!

      • Holly Yoho

        Quirky characters are awesome, I’m especially fond of Gudetama!

        • Haha, Gudetama is awesome! His laziness is so relatable…

  • Hmmm I like the card holder and hat! I am sure I can’t win a second time, but that is okay! I just love entering giveaways and also sharing them for other people!

    • Well, this one is being completely automated by a system, so I don’t get any saying in who wins And thanks for always sharing and supporting!

  • OMG how fun! Everything is so adorable!

  • bunny

    omg i love the Pikachu Hand Cream and the Beauty Masks

  • The Pikachu hand cream is so cute and so is the bag and many other things. It’s just a lot of good stuff ❤ Thanks for the chance to win ❤❤

  • Gabrielle

    i love the face products so much! thank you for the opportunity!

  • What is your email so I can add it to me contacts? I feel like I never receive any updates on when your blog posts go out.

  • Shambray Matthews

    I’m excited for the eye patches.

  • Karrie Millheim

    Ohhh i just love this…my fav is the Pikachu Hand Cream