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#DailyLove Self Care Challenge (With Print Out!)

Do you remember how we had a 10-days challenge a few months ago? Well, I figured, we need self care reminders all the time, so, why not create a timeless challenge that you can do on your own time? Whenever you need it, at your own pace, in the order you want, and when you finish, you can start again. How does that sound?

#DailyLove Self Care Challenge


  • Print out or write down the prompts for the challenge.
  • Decide on the day you are going to work on that prompt. If using the print-out, use the date field for that.
  • Once the day is there, follow the prompt. Feel free to modify it to adjust your needs.
  • Once you finish it, check or stamp your prompt. If using the print-out, use the white square under each prompt for it.
  • Feel free to share your experiences using the hashtag #dailylove
  • Optional: once you have all ten prompts done, treat yourself to something you previously decided, like your favorite treat or that nail polish color you’ve been wanting!
  • Print out a second sheet, and start again.


  • Think of a quote or phrase that makes you feel happy. Write it or print it and put it somewhere you can often read it.
  • Think of someone that makes you feel peace and happiness. Get a photo of them and keep it somewhere close.
  • Do you have a hobby you haven’t practiced in a while? Take time for it. Don’t have a hobby? Take time to learn something new.
  • Food is not only yummy, but also comforting. Take the time to prepare a recipe. Enjoy every minute of preparation and eating.
  • Learn a way to gain positive energy. Try exercise, classical musical, or whatever you think could help you when your energy is down.
  • Remember a childhood memory that makes you happy? Call or email someone who was there and revive those good times.
  • Plan a day out somewhere meaningful for you. If you can’t think of a nearby place, scrapbooking a trip can work as well.
  • Make your home a soothing place by learning to mediate, using essential oils, or finding a good way to make your home peaceful.
  • What is something you like about yourself, whether in your mind or heart? Emphasize it today and share it with the world.
  • Plan and start to execute a selfcare routine that you can keep consistently. Emphasize it on the aspects you lack most.

#DailyLove Self Care Print Out

#DailyLove Self Care Challenge

Get access to the print out by filling out the form below. You will receive an email with the PDF for the challenge, and some ideas on how to work on it.Filling out the form will also add you to our email list, which we use about once a month to inform you about the latest here on Daily Lovejuice.

It’s time we pay attention to ourselves and practice some intentional self care!

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