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Fighting Stress During Stress Awareness Month

Fighting Stress During Stress Awareness MonthDid you know that it’s stress awareness month? I found out recently and figured we HAD to talk about this. As someone who has had a crazy twitchy eye because of stress in the past, I can relate. Whether you are stressing over school, work, family issues, or health problems, we have been there. Facing problems is part of life, and we all face them at some point or another. This problems cause stress, and sometimes a lot of it.

But most of us can’t afford to spend a weekend at a spa or take a trip to the beach every time the stress hits. Actually, most of us can’t even afford leaving our routinely lives, so, we have to manage by finding ways to accommodate stress-relieving activities into our every day life.

Do you have a project deadline or final exams approaching? The blogpost “Surviving Finals” Beauty Care is for you.

So, let’s go over a few ways we can control fight stress with a very small budget and without changing our routines very much,

Soothing Drink

The image I featured on this article is tea, because when I thought of stress relief, I thought of drinking tea. I recommend herbal teas, caffeine-free. I usually prepare some every morning and drink it throughout the day while working on the computer. Some teas are especially meant for soothing results. I personally use Celestial Seasonings Tension Tamer or Sleepy Time. If you want to change it up a bit, add a bit of milk or almond milk to your tea. You may even enjoy it cold during the summer days, by adding some ice cubes and putting your kettle in the fridge for an hour before drinking it.

Well-Rested Sleep

Lack of sleep or not resting properly during your sleep can cause stress as well. We all know the usual recommendations: at least 7 hours, keep sleep hours consistent, no screens before going to sleep, and so on. But those do not affect the quality of our sleep. When we are stressed, there are more things on our mind. We need something that helps us relax while we sleep. Some people find that a shower right before going to bed helps them relax. There are also essential oils you can use on your skin, as a diffuser in the air, or even on your pillow. I personally use the Sleepy Sleep skin stick which has lavender essential oil as its key ingredient, but makes it easier to apply to the skin. If you like both the ideas of shower and essential oil before bed, you can also try out this Sleepy Sleep bath salts.

Fighting Stress During Stress Awareness Month – Sleepy Sleep Skin Stick

Talk About It

If you have a problem pressuring you, and you are keeping it all to yourself, it will only cause more stress. You may not want to go around talking to everyone about your problems, but find someone you can talk to. Maybe a family member or a close friend. If you feel that what you are going through is something a friend wouldn’t understand, you can try support groups, physical or online. But letting it out will lift the weight a bit, and you may feel a bit more calm afterwards.

Have I mentioned self care?

Little things you do for yourself will help. I mentioned my “Surviving Finals” Beauty Care post, but it really applies to any situation. And you can also take upon yourself to complete the #DailyLove Self Care Challenge, which is designed to be completed on your own pace and time, but reminding you to take care of yourself nevertheless.

#DailyLove Self Care Challenge

And there are surely many other ways. But I wanted to go over a few simple and super-budget-friendly ways. I would love to know what you do though! Please share in the comments what your go-to practice is when stress is getting high.

14 thoughts on “Fighting Stress During Stress Awareness Month

  1. Love this post! I definitely get hit hard by stress every once in awhile, and although I always know I am strong and will make it through, it doesn’t make it any easier nonetheless. Tips like these definitely help ease the burden! I’m totally with you on the tea front: nothing like a comforting warm mug of tea to let the tension drain away!

    1. I’m drinking tea at this very moment! I think that once you read an article like this, it seems like “duh”, that’s obviously what I need to do. But the action part is harder! We know what to do, but this are things I keep forgetting. I’ve got the “tea” part down, but now I’m working on relaxing better at night. So, we both gotta keep working on this! :)

    1. I highly recommend them! I bought it a while ago, but just kept in my drawer and occasionally used it. But about a month ago I decided to put it next to my bed instead, and have been using it almost every night, and it works so well. Even my husband is using it now!

      1. Wow, that is awesome. I’ll definitely look into ordering one for myself. I have never seen it before. Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. Looooooove this post! I’ve never heard of the Perfectly Posh Sleepy Sticks, but now I want one. I use a special tea blend to help me sleep. Oh, and I’m working on a stress response routine right now!! For example, anytime I start feeling anxiety, I have to perform a specific action that queues my brain to slow down and relax.

  3. As someone who also occasionally suffers from twitchy eye, I love this article! Tea definitely helps me a lot. Those Sleepy Sleep Sticks sound amazing!

  4. I sometimes think I am the most stressed person ever. I have been having a hard time sleeping again lately. I would love to do a whole spa treatment. The WHOLE ordeal, I think that would be really relaxing.

    1. Oh, I’d so love to get a whole spa treatment too! I’ve had massage sessions and those alone are incredible. Can’t imagine how great a whole treatment would be ;)

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