Jamberry Basic Bundle Kit

Jamberry Basic Bundle Kit

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Even though I’ve been using Jamberry for a while already, I hadn’t tried their basic bundle before. Last time I posted about Jamberry I used my hair dryer, and that’s how I’ve been applying them so far. It takes a bit of time because I need to hold the dryer with one hand, which is why I usually use Jamberry for accent nails.

Last month, I came across this bundle though, that includes not only 4 wraps of your choice, but also a mini heater, and many other goodies. Check it out:

Jamberry Basic Bundle Products

Take in count that the price for this bundle is $58.50, because the amazing thing is the amount of product you get that would otherwise be way pricier. So, let’s get an overview of all the products in the Jamberry Basic Bundle:


You get to choose 4 wraps out of any of their normal wrap collections. Just these four make this kit worth it, since an individual wrap costs $15. They do have a buy three, get a fourth wrap for free, so, the total price for this would usually be $45.

As for the individual designs, I am so in love with them. I like getting wraps that bring multiple designs in one same wrap, like the Among the Stars wrap from these four. I also make sure to get other wraps that bring slight variations in their designs, since I don’t want my whole hand to look the same if I’m putting the wrap on all my fingernails.

Browse the designs (as pictured below, from top to bottom):
Among the Stars | Blushing Marble | New World | Coachella

Jamberry Basic Bundle Kit

Mini Heater

The mini heater is what made me decide to get this kit. By itself, it costs $19. It’s very practical, doesn’t take a lot of space, and it heats the air right away. I don’t need to hold it, so, it makes the process way quicker than when I used my hair dryer. So quick that when I used it the first time, I decided to do all my nails after originally planning on only doing two accent nails on each hand. Check out the Mini Heater.

Application Kit

Jamberry Basic Bundle Kit

The application kit includes two nail prep wipes (basically, alcohol wipes to remove oil from your nails), nail scissors, nail clippers, a buffer block, a nail file, 2 orange stick and a rubber cuticle pusher. I personally don’t use nail clippers, but I will get a good use of the rest. This kit costs $12.50, or you can get a $20 set that also includes nail care cuticle oil. Check out the Application Kit


I think there is so much value in this kit! It makes sense, because it’s a kit you probably would only get once. I should probably also specify that I am not being sponsored by Jamberry and won’t get a commission for this, I just really like their product.

This was the design I put on right after getting the kit. I used the two styles from Among the Stars and also New World. I love that one of the Among the Stars designs has a geometric element somewhat similar to the one of New World. Also, sorry for the badly cleaned sides, I realized after starting that I had run out off nail polish remover… Anyways, I really liked this design. I got compliments from strangers while running errands, and that always makes me happy.

Jamberry Basic Bundle Kit
If you like this design, feel free to click on it and like it on Instagram!

I recommend this kit whether you have tried Jamberry before or not. For first-timers, it will offer you a great overview or how awesome their products are. And for people who have used it before but still use your hair dryer, this is amazing! Get it, I totally recommend it.

Have you used Jamberry before? What is your experience? And what is your favorite wrap so far? Let me know in the comments.

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  • Adi Ryan

    I have been using Jamberry since I signed up in October 2015. I love the products, I love that almost all of them are vegan and I love the fact that someone like me, who cannot put nail lacquer on to save herself, can have cute nails in 10 – 15 mins!!! Sold from the minute I saw them. My fav wrap at the moment is Butterfly Garden.

    • I’ve never used Butterfly Garden, will have to check it out! And yes, I do love how easy and quick I can have amazing nail designs through this :D Even though I love doing traditional nail art, this is much quicker <3

  • Dee

    These look so pretty, I had no idea you could do this yourself :)

    • It’s really nice, easiest way to get intricate designs on your nails!

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