About Daily Lovejuice

Daily Lovejuice is a lifestyle blog that emphasizes in nail art, skincare, and self care. But we also share articles on stationary, traveling, and other things we love.

Follow our journey and learn with us how to take care, learn more, and love ourselves.

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Long Version…


Daily Lovejuice is the dream of little 11-year-old who thought internet and websites were the best thing ever. This girl dreamed of having a place on the internet where she could share with the world about all those things she loved. It was at first Manga Girls, then Tsuki no Uta, Dimension 110, Angel Kiss, NOIR no uta, and eventually, Oshare. By the time Oshare came to life, she was already an 18-year-old with a strong determination to become a graphic designer. Somewhere along the way, she started creating cute, little characters that she envisioned in stationary products or plush animals. She decided on the name Daily Lovejuice for her brand image, her little portfolio, the place where those characters belonged.


About Daily Lovejuice About Daily Lovejuice
Old website designs for Tsuki no Uta (2009, featuring The Gazette) and Oshare (2012, featuring Enakei).



She used Oshare for writing about music, shopping, and other lifestyle interests; while Daily Lovejuice was the anchor for her different projects (of which Oshare was one) and display her portfolio, her ideas, her social media accounts, etc. But sometimes, deciding where to put what was difficult. Some things needed to be put in both, since they belonged to both her lifestyle preferences and her personal projects. So, after several years, she decided it was time to integrate both websites and have only one. One website where she could talk about the things she loved, whether they were her own creation or from somewhere else. As much as she loved the name Oshare, it had been a project under Daily Lovejuice. Daily Lovejuice wasn’t a website name, it was her brand. So, she kept it as such.


About Daily Lovejuice About Daily Lovejuice
Old website headers for Daily Lovejuice: 2010, when we launched, and 2011. The love juice “milk box” was our icon, and I’m hoping to integrate it someday again.



Nowadays, this little girl is a professional Graphic and Web designer with a bachelor degree in visual arts. She has worked both freelance and in-house as a digital designer, and she still thinks websites are the best thing ever. Daily Lovejuice has become the place where she shares what she loves to do on her free time: skin care, nail art, self care practices, and more!