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Nail Art For Dummies #1 – Toe Separators

I’m no nail art expert, but I’ve been doing my nails for the past 7-8 years and I always get compliments for them. I like trying out new styles, so, through the years I’ve acquired quite a collection of nail art tools.

Professionals won’t find my information very enlightening, but I don’t intend to write for professionals. I’m hoping that this series of entries can provide help and guide to people who are looking to learn about nail art but don’t know where to start. I will share tips, techniques and advice that I would have liked to know when I started to get into nails, or information that I received back then and highly appreciated.

I’ll also recommend some of my favourite brands and tell about my experience using different tools and techniques. I hope you enjoy this entries!

Toe Separators

This is one little, simple, but very important tool. If you want to paint your toe nails, you really want to get toe separators.

Unlike fingers, toes are shorter, thus, toenails are very close to each other and to the other toes. Sometimes, the smaller toes even tend to hide a bit behind a bigger one next to it. It’s not a big deal, but big enough for nail polish. Without separators, it is very easy to smudge your polish, even if you are quietly waiting for your polish to dry.

Using my toe separators
It would be a pain to paint my smaller toe nails!

Toe separators make life so much easier! There are different styles, but they are essentially the same: a piece of material that wraps itself around your fingers, making sure they’re separated enough so that you don’t have to worry about smudging polish.

My toe separators collection My toe separators collection
My toe separators collection. Owning one pair should be more than enough, but, it’s really fun when friends come over and we can all do our toe nails at the same time!

I’ve had my toe separators for so long that I don’t even remember how I got them. I think I got two of the pairs from my mom, but I don’t remember where I got my blue one—despite it being my favorite! Because of its slim shape, I can walk around easily with them around my toes, while my nails are drying.

Want to get yours? I looked at my favourite places for toe separators, and found this two options for under $5 each!

Bucket List Toe Separator My Beauty Tool Lovely Etti Toe Separators
Bucket List Toe Separator from The Saem – W2Beauty
My Beauty Tool Lovely Etti Toe Separators from Etude House – YesStyle

The Etude House ones are super cute, don’t you think? But if you prefer a more neutral style, the Saem’s ones would be your option. I couldn’t find a model similar to my blue one, but if any of you have seen a similar pair, let me know!

So, do you also use toe separators? Or do you use other options to help you keep your toes apart when painting your nails? Please share!