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Nail Art for Dummies #2 — Nailwraps

Nailwraps are a great alternative to have beautiful, complicated designs quickly on your nails. I love nail wraps:
– they don’t need drying time
– they have a great variety of patterns and designs that would take me hours to do myself, if at all
– they last as long (or even longer!) than nail polish

Really, sometimes I want my nails to look good for an event, but I’m so busy with everything else that I can’t afford the time to paint my nails. Nailwraps save me there!

So, I’ll walk you through the process of applying Jamberry nailwraps, and I will compare some other wraps I’ve tried out.

Jamberry Nailwraps

The first time I tried out Jamberry nailwraps nailwraps was earlier in January, during Salt Lake Comic Con‘s Fan X event. They were giving free trials of one nail wrap so you could see their quality. I thought they looked rather delicate, but was impressed by all the variety. I love nail stuff, so, I had to try it on. They applied a cute design on one of my finger nails, and that was it. They said it would last two weeks, so, I was ready to see how much truth was in it.

Some time later, the wrap started to look old and worn out. I counted how much it had been since I got it and was surprised when I realized it had been a bit over two weeks. I was impressed!

jamberry jamberry

Now, last month, I finally bought full packages of Jamberry nail wraps. I had a hard time deciding which styles, but am very satisfied with my choice.

Now to the application! Jamberry nailwraps are slightly different to apply than other nail wraps. I’ll go through the Jamberry process while stating the differences with other nailwraps application processes. You’ll need:

– nail polish remover
– nail wraps
– hair dryer or nail dryer (if using Jamberry)
– scissors (optional)
– nail file

The wrap is literally going to wrap around your nail’s shape, so, you gotta make sure the nail is clean, not oily, and without any residues. That’s why the first step is using the nail polish remover and cleaning the nail properly.

Once the nail is clean and also dry from the nail polish remover, take the wrap you’ll be using. Wraps come usually in different sizes, so, make sure you choose the one that fits the nail best. Remove it from the package and get it ready to be applied.

This step is a bit different with Jamberry nailwraps because now you have to take the hair or nail dryer and blow warm air on the sticky part of the wrap. Once you notice the wrap is getting softer and malleable, apply it to your nail. Start in the cuticle with the rounded part of the wrap, and then properly place the rest of the wrap accordingly from that start point. Make sure there are no wrinkles. Take the hair/nail drier again and blow over your nail for a few minutes, while using a finger to go around the wrap, making sure it’s sticking properly in the right place and no wrinkles are in between.

jamberry jamberry
I have the most terrible tan lines! Hahah

If you’re not using a Jamberry wrap, just don’t worry about the hair/nail dryer part. Other wraps are more sticky, so, just pull them out of the packing and directly apply to the nail. As with Jamberry, start with the cuticle and then towards the outside of the nail. The harder part with these is that the wrap is more sticky, so, there are more chances of getting wrinkles in your wrap. With Jamberry, the heat gives you a more malleable wrap that is not as sticky but gets sealed to the nail with the heat.

Now comes the optional part. To get he most out of your nailwraps, you can use one wrap for two nails, as long as you don’t have incredibly long nails. I like to use my little nail scissors to cut off the unused material, that way, it doesn’t get damaged. Once I’ve cut off the majority, I take he nail file and file off any parts that are still hanging off the wrap. If you don’t care too much for the left over wrap, or if you can be careful enough with the file, you might just not use the scissors and just file off carefully any left overs.

Nail wrap is placed and ready to look awesome!

Useful Tips
– like mentioned before, you can get two nails per wrap, giving you more for your money.
– depending on the brand, some wrap brands may recommend putting a top coat over the wrap to seal it. That’s not necessary with Jamberry, since the heat seals it.
– you might find wraps with transparency, those can usually be applied over nail polish (most can be applied over nail polish, but why would you saturate your nail if you can’t see the bottom layers?). Using different base colors can give a nice twist to those wraps!
– wraps are usually meant to have fun, complicated designs that are harder to achieve by hand, thus, wearing wraps on all your nails can sometimes be too much. You can choose one or a few accent nails and apply wraps to those, while using something more simple on your other nails.

Other wraps I’ve used include:
Sally Hansen Salon Effects – first ones I tried out, and my favourites until I used Jamberry. Have a lot of designs, but they don’t last a lot on your nails.
NCLA Nail Wraps – I got a packet of these in a subscription bag, and I really liked it! They have also a great variety of designs, but they tend to peel off rather quickly.
Sephora Collection Nail Patch Art – They have cute designs, and very economical, so, I bought several styles; but the quality wasn’t very good, some the wraps started to break the very first day I used it. They have been discontinued though.

So, depending on how much you want to spend and for how long you need them on, you might want to consider your options. In my case, I don’t mind having some cheaper options, like the Sephora ones or some no brand I’ve bought, but I use them on ocassions where I only need them for a few hours, since I know they won’t resist a shower! Jamberry has proven to be the one that lasts the longest, probably because of the heat sealing it more properly. So, this will be the option I’ll go for when I’m leaving on a trip, or before final exams: when I know I won’t be able to afford the time to do my nails!

Jamberry Accent Nail

I am including this picture taken two weeks after applying those wraps on my toes. As you can see, the wrap still looks great, and I matched the other nails with cute colors that match the wrap. It is true that toes get less exposed than finger nails, since you usually don’t clean dishes with them, but it’s summer and I walk daily to work wearing sandals, so, I’m very satisfied with these wraps! The idea was to make my feet look good during sandal season and it worked.