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New Night Moisturizer: Rosehip Oil

I had never used Rosehip oil exclusively. I had used it mixed with other herbs and oils, and I had loved those combinations. But when I read about a bottle of only Rosehip, I was curious!

To begin with, what is Rosehip? Rosehip is a small fruit that grows on a few kind of rose bushes. It looks like this. And rosehip oil is what it sounds—oil made from those fruits. You can see this oil as an ingredient in aromatic/herb oils, or get it by itself.

I got a small bottle of Leven Rose‘s organic and unrefined Rosehip Oil, and have been using it for the last month as part of my daily routine. I read in the bottle that it could be used as night moisturizer, so, I thought I could try that out—and it works great! I was wondering whether my face would become more oily for using an oil as moisturizer, but not. I wake up with super soft, nice skin in the morning. Besides, only a few drops are necessary every night, which is making the product last quite a bit :) It completely replaced the usual cream I use as night moisturizer. And even though my skin in legs and hands is drying very quickly lately, with the super hot and dry summer we’re living in Utah, my face hasn’t been dry at all. It really feels very nice!

rosehip oil

The smell is very neutral. Until now I had only used rosehip oil mixed with other things, so, I was expecting a more minty or herby smell, but it doesn’t smell like that at all. It’s different, but not bad at all. I was surprised!

But rosehip oil can serve as many things, and not only night-time moisturizer:
– dry skin, not only face but knees, elbows, and wherever it may help
– scars, burns, red spots
– nourish your hair
– nourish your nails

That’s the awesome thing about natural oils: they are always so good for your body! And they are natural.

I will continue enjoying this rosehip oil until it’s empty, and then I might venture trying out some of the other oils they sell at Level Rose, like Jojoba or Argan. Or maybe come back to rosehip!

I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased feedback.