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Vitamin C Serum and Eye Gel

This time I’m reviewing a combo: vitamin c serum and vitamin c eye gel from Sano Naturals. I love that they came together, because eyes need a separate care, but his way, I could nourish my whole face with the same product.

First of all, why is vitamin c good for my skin? Vitamin C is an antioxidant, so, it is good for fighting wrinkles and other skin signs of aging. It also protects the skin from UV rays and it stimulates the collagen production, which gives elasticity and strength to the skin.

Since mornings are crazy for me, I used these two in my night routine:

– cleaned my make up
– washed my face
– used a few drops to pat on my face
– put a bit of gel in my ring fingers and patted it carefully around my eyes

Did you know? Your ring finger is the finger that pressures your skin with less force, which is why it’s recommended to use it for skin, and specially eye areas.

sano naturals

So, the product lasted for a bit over two months, using it every night. The gel lasted a few days less than the serum, but it might be because at the beginning I wasn’t sure how much to apply.

The fragrance was very neutral, which I personally think is great for products I wear at night. Strong scents are sometimes annoying when I go to bed, even if they are nice scents, so I rather prefer neutral/no scent.

Nor the serum nor the gel where oily, which is great the morning after. My skin was moisturized, hydrated, and glowing beautiful and healthy. Yet, they’re not water-based either, since water can affect the results of vitamin c. According to Sano Naturals, an organic herbal infusion is what they use for this serum.

There were really no cons, I enjoyed using this serum and gel combo a lot.

I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased feedback.