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Chalk Markers: Trying out Chalkmaster

If you know me a bit, you know that I love colorful pens! I have gel, metallic, sharpies, lots and lots of fineliners, prismacolors, and the list goes on and on! US Art Supply was awesome and offered me to try their Chalk Master liquid chalk markers. I’ve used chalk markers before, but only white ones, and they were rather chalky. But using Chalkmaster was a way different experience!

Chalkmaster Chalk Markers

First, it is so much fun to have all those color options! The colors are vibrant and lively, and stand out great on the surfaces I’ve tried them on.

Second, they’re so smooth! They slide as you move them on the surface, so, drawing and writing is as easy as using other pens.

Third, very easy to clean! I used a paper towel to remove the text I wrote on a mirrow, and a glass jar, I just washed it normally like when I do the dishes. No residues, no chalk pulver, and no mess.

Chalk Markers Demo!

But so you can see it for yourself, I photographed one of my little projects with this pretty markers!

Chalkmaster Chalk Markers Chalkmaster Chalk Markers

The project I decided to feature here is this simple jar that holds our toothbrushes. I love the brightness of the colors! And it’s so easy to change, that in a few weeks I will probably wash it and do something more Christmas-y.

I’m not going to lie, keeping it close to water is not the greatest idea, since water drops make the color fall, but since in my case, this is meant to be temporary anyways, I don’t mind :)

I’ve only owned this set for about two weeks, so, I don’t know how the pens will react in the long run, but so far, I’ve already had a better experience than with other chalk markers – Chalkmaster has been a lot of fun!