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Remembering Poupeegirl

Is it weird that I still miss Poupeegirl?

The friendships, the collections, the beautiful clothes, and my adorable Saori doll. Those are some of the things I really, really miss from Poupeegirl.

I still have so many screenshots I wanted to share, that I’ve decided to have a section where I’ll occasionally write about remembering Poupeegirl. Maybe someone will get inspired that way and will decide to open it again! That would make me and many other people so very happy!

But what is Poupeegirl?

Poupeegirl was a dress-up doll game where you had a doll, you earned “money” (by logging in every day, dressing her up, commenting on other people’s profiles), and you could upload photos of your own clothes and talk about them. Every month they would have themed events and release new clothes collections for your doll, and everything was just beautifully designed! You could sell items you didn’t want, buy stuff from older events from other girls, and play mini games that usually gave you items for your doll. If you had enough money, you could change the color and style of the hair, eyes and doll’s features. And you could fill her closet not only with clothes, but shoes, make-up, accessories and room backgrounds. Even though there were a few features that required you to pay with real money, I never used any of those, and you could have plenty of fun using the free features. (For a more expanded explanation you can visit Wikipedia’s article on Poupeegirl.)

I played that game for quite some time, so, I had quite the savings account and could afford pretty much anything I wanted. It was awesome, because when poor student real me felt like I wanted to buy something nice, I could go to Poupeegirl and afford anything!

Remembering Poupeegirl

For example, this was my Poupeegirl in New York, wearing a fancy clothes and with a nice cityscape in the background. I used this Poupee to promote my fanfiction of Love Letter from Thief X, with which I was totally obsessed back in 2013.

And the thing is, Poupeegirl was very personal for me. Not only did I use my doll to represent projects I was working on, but I also shared a lot of the things that were going in my clothes entries, and I had friends that would catch up with my life that way, and vice-versa. I really miss it a lot, but I hope that reminiscing those times here will be fun.

Are there any other Poupeegirl girls out here, and do you miss it as much?
Also, does anyone know dress up doll games that are as fun as Poupeegirl? Or even like MyDivaDoll, if anyone still remembers that one. Why do all the dress up doll games I love have to close?

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