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Lashes for Days – Ultra Lash Serum

Lashes for Days — Ultra Lash Serum

Did you ever wish you had longer, thicker, stronger eyelashes? Because I do — all the time! I find it even a bit ridiculous that my husband has longer lashes than me. Fake eyelashes are a good option, just some small bits already make them pop so much more. But you need more time for that when you’re getting ready. And when you have weak lashes, then you also run the risk of damaging them when you’re removing the falsies.

So, what can you do? Go for the root of the problem: the root of your eyelashes. There are products that will help you strengthen your eyelashes, helping them grow longer and thicker. Thicker eyelashes also means stronger eyelashes. I had been wondering what a product like this could do for me, and New York Biology gave me the opportunity to do just that some weeks ago with their serum UltraLASH.

Lashes for Days — Ultra Lash Serum


This little UltraLASH bottle is a serum designed to stimulate the growth of the eyelashes, making them thicker, fuller, longer and stronger. You will start noticing the results within a few weeks.

Some of its key ingredients are swiss apple stem cells, tricholastyl and myristoyl pentapeptide-17. Together with other ingredients, they nourish the follicle, helping with the growth and health of the hair, and prevent conditions that can lead to hair loss.

Like most of the products I feature, this serum is cruelty-free.

Lashes for Days — Ultra Lash Serum


You are instructed to apply them daily in order to see results within a few weeks. It’s fairly simple: with the tip of the application, apply the serum to your upper eyelashes’ root. Start from the inside, close to the tear duct, and move towards the outside. They say to only use it on your upper eyelashes, but I’ve read about girls using them on their lower lashes and getting good results out of it, so, do it on your own risk. You can also use it for your eyebrows, by applying it evenly over the roots. Use it once a day.

I have to admit I had a hard time being consistent. When I started I did pretty well, applying it every night before going to bed. But after two weeks, I moved to a new apartment, with my beauty stuff stored away in a box, and forgot to use it for a few more weeks. I started recently again though, and although I couldn’t get the two months-worth results I was hoping to have for the review, I noticed some pretty good changes that I thought would be worth noting despite not following all the instructions.

Even though it’s a small bottle, it lasts a lot. I’ve been using it for about 5 weeks total, and it has only used up about a fourth of its content.

Lashes for Days — Ultra Lash Serum


I apologize for the bad quality on the before image. Since I didn’t process it back then when I started, I hadn’t realized how blurry it turned out. Just from the looks of it, there hasn’t been a big visible difference. I was surprised because I thought there would be more of a difference. I’ve heard about other people saying they saw results within 2-3 weeks, and I saw their photos of before and after. It wasn’t false lashes-drastic, but you could definitely see them fuller and longer.

From my own perception, I think they seem longer, although not a lot. I notice them also a bit thicker and stronger. My favorite part has been removing eye makeup, and not finding eyelashes in my towelette/cotton, which used to be an every time thing. And just that is a gain! I’m not losing a few lashes everyday. So, I guess that’s probably related to them being ticker/stronger.


Lashes for Days — Ultra Lash Serum


Lashes for Days — Ultra Lash Serum Lashes for Days — Ultra Lash Serum

Now that I’m settled at my new home and have my night routines down again, I’ll continue using the rest of the serum and will update you on how my lashes turn out.

Want to see an almost-live application of the serum? Head over to my Instagram and watch out for an upcoming story applying the product.

I received this product in exchange for my honest and unbiased feedback.

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  1. Can’t wait to see the update! I have always wondered if these eyelash serums work. I don’t wear makeup, but I wouldn’t mind applying something to my eyelashes to make them look naturally thicker and longer.

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