Guest Writing for Super Cute Kawaii

As I mentioned on Instagram a few times, I made it to the short-list for Super Cute Kawaii’s new writer. I was not selected to stay, but I had a great time writing a few blog posts for them. These posts were published on their website between October and December 2016. I thought I’d show you guys a bit of what I did. Click on the title or images to read the whole article!

Halloween DIY Decorations

I compiled a couple of easy ways to decorate for Halloween. From things you can do yourself at home, to patterns you can easily buy and print right there to work on, this post has some pretty cute and practical ideas for everyone. These ghost pillows in the image are definitely the cutest.

Super Cute Kawaii - Halloween DIY Decorations

DIY Tutorials by All Things Nim

I talked a bit about one of my favorite YouTubers – Nim from All Things Nim. Her channel is full of cute, fun and easy tutorials to decorate your home and work space with happy things. I shared some of her tutorials and why I love them.

Super Cute Kawaii - Halloween DIY Decorations

Meiji DIY Apollo Chocolate Kit Review

Super Cute Kawaii sent me this yummy DIY candy kit to try it out and review it. I got to design my own candy, decorate it however I wanted, and the best part—I ate it in the end. It also includes a lot of fun pictures from the process.

Super Cute Kawaii - Halloween DIY Decorations

About Super Cute Kawaii

Super Cute Kawaii is a blog about all things cute. They review products, feature kawaii shops from throughout the world, and are a source of everything cute going on.

I hope you like reading my guest posts for SCK. Remember that if you are ever interested in collaborating with me for guest posts or anything else, you can contact me through this form.

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