Celebrating 20 Years of Magic with Chocolate

As some of you know, I’m a big Harry Potter fan. I learned English reading the books, I’ve been to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter twice, Platform 9 3/4 once, and have had the awesome opportunity of meeting Evanna Lynch, Bonnie Wright, and James and Oliver Phelps. And there are many other Harry Potter-related experience on my checklist! So, I obviously wanted something awesome to celebrate 20 Years of Magic.

Celebrating 20 Years of Magic with Chocolate

So, when my favorite truffle store announced they had a celebratory Harry Potter box in store for the 20 Years of Magic commemoration, I didn’t hesitate on getting it. The Truffle Cottage is an online store that crafts truffles, chocolates, and other similar delicious treats. Even though they create treats for any occasion, they are quite big in pop culture fandoms, since many of their collections are dedicated to geeky themes. I actually learned about them when stumbling upon their booth at Salt Lake Comic Con a few years ago (Btw, you can get tickets here!) and it has become a tradition to get a little snack from them every convention. I received the truffles delivered personally to my door, and, well, you can see what was in it in the video.


I loved the bookmark included, with Dumbledore’s quote. I know a lot of people opt for eBooks now, but I still prefer my paper books, and I love my bookmarks collection. This will fit just nicely into it.

The chocolate frogs are pure chocolate, both exterior and filling. They can be ordered in either milk chocolate or dark chocolate. I got mine in milk chocolate, but I bet dark is also yummy.

Celebrating 20 Years of Magic with Chocolate

The caramel potion bottle was delicious. I also loved its design and its bright color. I had seen those potions bottle before during conventions, in bigger packs, and always wondered what they tasted like. So worth it!

The owl was full chocolate, and had an Oreo cookie inside. Such a delicious surprise! The cute design of the owl was already enough for me, but the cookie was beyond my expectation.

Celebrating 20 Years of Magic with Chocolate Celebrating 20 Years of Magic with Chocolate

The truffles were the ones I was most excited for, since they had butterbeer filling and were decorated in my house’s colors. Where are my Slytherins? Truffles is what I usually get from the Truffle Cottage, and it surely did not disappoint. Loved the butterbeer filling, and was so impressed with the Slytherin look!

Celebrating 20 Years of Magic with Chocolate


The box definitely did not disappoint, it brings quite a variety of chocolate treats and it really is worthy of celebrating the 20 Years of Magic with it. I appreciated that it came packaged in a thermal bubble envelope, which helped the treats stay chill and keep their shape. Very fancy! The black box and the gold Hogwarts seal were beautiful details, I really enjoyed it.

Celebrating 20 Years of Magic with Chocolate

Now, the treats are not cheap. But they are very specialized, so, I don’t mind spending a bit on yummy treats that make my fangirl soul happy. I would not pay this price for a monthly box, but I don’t mind at all paying it for celebrating Harry Potter.

Sadly, the chocolates didn’t last much. Hahaha. Actually, all things considered, they lasted quite a bit—about three days! And I had to share a bit with my sister and husband. But that’s ok. Everybody deserves celebrating Harry Potter!

Celebrating 20 Years of Magic with Chocolate

How did you celebrate 20 Years of Magic? And what is your Hogwarts house? Let me know.