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Have some happy self care holidays!

Hello world and good to see you again. It’s been a bit since I posted around here, but if you have visited this blog before, you do know that stuff has been happening. For some weeks now, I’ve been wearing this beautiful, new website layout. And the shop has also been open for a while. But today I come back with a BANG! I’ve been meaning to write in such a long while, yet, my design business is taking off and keeping me extremely busy. For weeks I’ve been meaning to return here and inject some life into this blog, which is why the changes have been taking place although I hadn’t said a word. I just come and work here whenever I have a bit of free time!

But enough of that, let’s talk exciting stuff now!

Self Care Kits for all!

I thought that it’d be fun to return with something fun that can benefit you too. I spent days coming up with the idea, and weeks putting it together: the shop now offers Self Care kits! These kits feature products that I love, that help me take self care time, and that are great for you. Most of it consists of skincare, but a few of the kits include other things like cute pencils or earrings.

Now, the holidays and New Year are coming up—and there’s not better time to start thinking about self care! Do you want to have a better year? Take more time for yourself to think and relax? Or maybe you know of someone who is going through a hard time, and needs some cheering up? These kits are great presents for you or for a loved one. I talk from experience! I love it when someone thinks of me and gives me something that contributes to my self care.

Besides, these kits are very affordable. Their prices range between $8 and $35, with different options in between. I really want to make these accessible for you! Because everyone deserves pampering time, whether you are a poor college student or a mom of five!

So, feel free to browse around. But act fast if you want to buy! Most kits are unique, only a few have more than 1 of them in stock. And some of the products included are out of stock in their original company, so, if you don’t grab some now, you may not have a chance to get it later.

Browse Self Care Clutches

Cute, small bags packed with samples and goodies. Some even include jewelery. Very affordable and so adorable! And you can use the bags for whatever you want afterwards. These ones are perfect as holiday presents!

Browse Spa at Home Kits

Save some money by holding your own spa night! These kits include a variety of products like masks, scrubs, bath salts, chunk soaps, and bath bombs with essential oils. Time to enjoy!

Self Care Challenge Still Open!

If you want to invest in your self care, but don’t have the money to spend on it right now, that’s fine—just make sure you invest actual time in yourself!

A few months ago I put together a challenge designed to help you relax, find peace, and be happy. And I think that right now, around the holidays time when things can get a bit crazy, that’s when you could use this! If you are a college student, this is the time when you finally got through finals and get a little break. Or maybe you’re like me, where the actual Christmas and New Year days are busy, but the week in between is very chill. My husband has to work. I probably will have to work, but most of my clients won’t be around, so, it will be a slow week. Perfect for some self care!

#DailyLove Self Care Challenge

These challenge includes 10 different prompts that will help you relax, and space for you to plan out when you want to do it, and check it and when you do. I’m all about to-do lists and it gives me great satisfaction to check something when ready! If you’re anything like that, you will enjoy this.

Additionally, if you need more accountability than a to-do list, you can sign up for weekly reminders and motivation to work on this challenge. If you are ready, just fill out the form below, and you will receive the PDF plus some ideas on how to help you finish those self care prompts. Filling out the form will also add you to my email list, which I use about once a month to inform you about the latest here on Daily Lovejuice.

I wish you some amazing Holidays! And if you are one the of readers that doesn’t celebrate any of the holidays for whatever reason, I hope you are having an amazing week regardless :D The world is going crazy all around us, but let’s take life, one thing at a time, and enjoy everything we can.