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If not now, then when? Go for it!

The other day, someone on social media was wondering if they were too old for an specific item they wanted. Has that happened to you? You want to wear something, buy something, listen to something, but you feel like you’re too old? Well, to that I say, go for it.

I remember when I was a teenager, I was dying to fill my room with posters of my favorite bands, buy their merchandise, attend their concerts. But those bands were barely knows where I lived, and buying their merchandise was expensive, if possible. Again, teenager, I couldn’t afford any of it.

When I was younger, I wanted to try out different make up ideas, I wanted to express myself through it, and I wanted to be able to buy the tools to achieve it. But I didn’t have money, I had nowhere to go, and school had very strict makeup policies.

I wanted to play video games, but I didn’t have consoles, money, nor time for it.

When I hear a woman wondering if she’s to old to buy some superhero toy, I just think “Go for it”! Because, if not now, then when?

You love shopping at Claire’s? Who cares if you’re not a teenage girl! I shop at Claire’s. I also love shopping at Hot Topic–I couldn’t afford anything there when I was a teenager, but now I can. You want a Happy Meal because of the toy? Get the Happy Meal, it doesn’t matter that you’re not a kid.

Remind Yourself that You can go for it!

Sometimes I have to remind myself of this: I don’t go to school anymore, I don’t have an office job with strict dress code, I can dye my hair however I want. As long as I’m not breaking any laws or doing something immoral, I can do what I want.

24-year-old Sara, after cutting her own hair for the first time ;) 
24-year-old Sara, after cutting her own hair for the first time ;)

I buy silly Steam games (also cool ones, but sometimes I get very silly ones), get magazines imported from Japan, read mangas and fantasy books. I get adorable stationary with Rilakkuma prints, wear Hello Kitty pijamas, and eat Asian food with my super-cute animal-themed chopsticks. I collect fluffy socks in pastel colors with cute faces on them. I get VIP tickets every year for Salt Lake Comic Con, put on the make up that I want, and rock my way there. As long as I’m not neglecting my responsibilities, I can do what I want. And so can you. If you don’t get the pink hair now, when will you? If you don’t visit Disney now, then when? If the only thing holding you back is thinking you’re childish or fearing other people’s judgements, go for it.

If you’re young and broke and think that you’ll never get to achieve the things you wanted, don’t worry, I’ve been there. Some day you’ll make it. Someday you’ll discover that whatever was holding you back is gone, and you can finally go for it. I believe that while you’re young, it’s important to obey school rules, parents, and other authorities that are looking out for you. But don’t stop dreaming, write those goals down, one day you’ll be able to get it done.